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Blacksmith is an organization committed to writing best-of-breed software for the Macintosh operating system. That's the long and short of who we are.

Our goals are nearly as simple: 1) to write software applications for the Macintosh that are among the finest applications on any platform, 2) to provide whatever we are capable of to help our customers succeed in what they do, and 3) to be successful enough doing 1 & 2 that we can continue building our business to do these things for many years to come.

Writing great software is certainly the goal of a lot of companies - we're no different there. But our reason for doing so may be a bit different. We want our applications to be among the best because we're passionate about it. We want to love our software first, and then we want you to love our software. And we believe that if we maintain that conviction and passion, doing so will help us produce software applications that are among the best.

Making our customers successful is one of our goals for a very simple reason: If we are in any way related to your successes, then we succeed. We feed off of knowing that our software is helping you succeed. It energizes us. It makes us that much more passionate. And it makes us more committed to delivering great software.

Blacksmith Technologies, Inc. is located just outside of Washington, DC. Our committment is 100% to Apple technologies, both in building desktop applications as well as building custom software systems. Our staff is a group of dedicated, talented and very driven software professionals. Each member of our technical staff embodies a passion for quality that drives our projects to success.

If you have a project in mind, or want to talk about our products of today or tomorrow, please call us. We'd like to hear your ideas and questions.