For many people, the ability to use pattern fills in their charts is essential. Unfortunately, Chartsmith does not currently provide integrated pattern fill support. The good news is that Chartsmith does support image tiling and layout features that can be used to create pattern fills for many of Chartsmith's series types.

Anyone interest in pattern fills should read the Chartsmith Pattern Tutorial. It contains detailed instructions for creating and using pattern fills in Chartsmith charts. The tutorial, a Chartsmith example document, several PDF pattern fill files, and a number of EazyDraw document files useful in creating PDF pattern fills can all be downloaded in this bundle.

Rest assured that the Chartsmith product team is working hard on adding integrated pattern fills directly into Chartsmith. Until that time, the Chartsmith product team hopes that the approach outlined here can be useful.

For more information on EazyDraw, the application used to create the PDF pattern files please visit