The most recent release of Chartsmith is version 1.6.1. What was new or changed in that version and all previous versions is listed below.

Release 1.6.1 ( 10/5/13 )
New Features
  • Various bug fixes

  • Release 1.6.0 ( 4/1/13 )
    New Features
  • Chartsmith now supports Mountain Lion on Retina
  • Applescript bug fixes
  • Gatekeeper signed

  • Release 1.5.0 ( 10/1/12 )
    New Features
  • Chartsmith now supports Lion and Mountain Lion

  • Release 1.4.0 ( 12/20/09 )
    New Features
  • Chartsmith now supports Snow Leopard

  • Release 1.3.0 ( 6/26/06 )
    New Features
  • Chartsmith now ships as a Universal Application
  • Added support for Pie charts to draw clockwise and counterclockwise
  • Better drawing for Pie chart shadows
  • Range text fields in the Grid inspector now accept values on focus changes
  • Added preference for legend entries to display in reverse order (rev 004)
  • Bugs Repaired
  • Text Annotations and Chart titles did not support left justified text
  • Help files search feature was broken
  • Minor step values on rectangular grids could become invalidated
  • Stacked bars with gradients a min y value greater than zero were clipped
  • Opacity values for Legend shadows were ignored
  • Hide Data View on deactivate preference was not working
  • Paste Labels Only Data sheet feature was error prone
  • Normalize chart incorrectly sized the grid when left axis label was vertical
  • Some documents with clockwise pie drawing could not be opened (rev 003)

  • Release 1.2.9 ( 6/1/05 )
    New Features
  • Added support for Mac OS 10.4.x (Tiger Release)
  • Added a User Preference to scale the Legend Entry Fonts from 0 - 100% of the Legend Font
  • AppleScript Interface Import ASCII will now create new series if needed
  • Support for all Chartsmith's ASCII import options now available through the AppleScript Interface
  • Bugs Repaired
  • Floating point errors for Tic Lables for zero would sometime show very very small numbers instead of zero
  • Fix drawing bug when there where was black and one other color in a text graphic
  • Various crashing bugs under Tiger
  • Various PDF scaling bugs under Tiger
  • Various UI drawing bugs under Tiger

  • Release 1.2.8 ( 3/29/05 )
    New Features
  • Update data imported from Excel (hot linked) now supported
  • Update an entire document's Excel imports now supported
  • Data imports from Excel 2004 now supported
  • CMYK output now supported for single color Text Graphics
  • Support for LinkBack as a provider now supported
  • Added ability to detect and avoid Keynote 2.0 themes
  • Added "GIF", "EPS", "PICT", and "PNG" to "TIFF", "PDF", and "JPEG" for the image export commands available through the Applescript Interface
  • Bugs Repaired
  • Stacked Bars and Histograms were not drawing properly when X axis was non-zero or negative values were entered
  • Importing ASCII data files with Column Labels into multi-column series was not working
  • Multi-lined data labels were drawing incorrectly
  • The front face of 3D bars with a gradient fill was drawing incorrectly
  • Various bugs associated with licensing
  • Stacked bars were not drawing properly when there were 2 Y-axis but only bars on one of them

  • Release 1.2.5 ( 3/17/04 )
    New Features
  • AppleScript additions:
            select [chart]
    	selected chart [doc]
    	cell value [datasheet]
    	series type (at index) [datasheet]
    	rowcount [datasheet]
    	seriescount [datasheet]
  • Exporting of Keynote documents now supports custom Keynote themes
  • Full support for number formats where the decimal separator is "," and the thousands separator is "."
  • Better support for multi line and rotated tic labels
  • Bugs Repaired
  • When printing, the top and right borders were being clipped off
  • Templates were not properly storing the grid's attributes, more specifically, the visibility of the grid border and the visibility of the grid itself were being improperly set when templates were applied.
  • Crashing bug associated with certain color preview functions
  • Floating point truncation when when decimal separator is set to ","
  • Datasheet drawing bug when rows were resized
  • Stacked Bar drawing bug when + and - values on the same row
  • Stacked Bar and Histogram bug when range is non zero
  • Data Label drawing bug when gradient or image fills are used
  • Pie Chart Series Label drawing bugs when large fonts, gradient or image fills are used

  • Release 1.2.4 ( 11/17/03 )
    New Features
  • Tunings for Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther)
  • Repositioned the "Chart" menu to be more in keeping with Apple's UI Guidelines
  • Chartsmith is now only compatible with Mac OS X 10.2 and higher
  • Bugs Repaired
  • The Data View had a few drawing errors under Mac OS X 10.3

  • Release 1.2.3 ( 9/8/03 )
    New Features
  • Gaussian shadow effects for Pie series
  • Tab added to Pie inspector for inspecting individual pie slices
  • Image fill for individual pie slices
  • Image tiling and opacity added for images displayed in: background, pie series, bar series, bubble series, area series, histogram series and box annotation
  • Image layout options standardized with the following: original size, scaled to fit, stretched to fill, and tile.
  • Optional border for Grid
  • Inspector will be opened at launch if it was opened when Chartsmith was last quit
  • Bugs Repaired
  • None

  • Release 1.2.2 ( 5/1/03 )
    New Features
  • None
  • Bugs Repaired
  • Documents were not being saved atomically, which has the potential of causing corrupted documents upon saving
  • As of release 1.2.1, templates stored grid fonts incorrectly which caused problems applying templates that were saved with version 1.2.1.

  • Release ( 4/11/03 )
    New Features
  • Extended Keynote support by allowing the selection of the Keynote theme and the option to include chart notes as Keynote slide notes
  • Extended series label formatting and content functions
  • Added independent control of fonts for the X and Y axis labels
  • Added control of axis titles offset from axis
  • Added control of axis tick labels offset from axis
  • Extended legal data input formats to include £, € and ¥ currency symbols
  • Extended axis labeling to include £, € and ¥ currency symbols
  • Improved Data View performance on pastes and data fills
  • Added control of chart border color
  • Changed the Y2 axis title rotation to face the grid when its orientation is vertical
  • Added textual control of error bar width, error bar marker size and trend line width
  • AppleScript additions and improvements for enhanced performance:

            set cell
    	set cells
    	insert rows
    	set row labels
    	set series labels
    	import ascii data
    	valid license
            set data
    	insert row
    NOTE TO APPLESCRIPT USERS: Changes in Chartsmith's AppleScript vocabulary will render your existing scripts invalid. There are minor changes that must be made to remedy this issue, as follows:
    (1) use of the command "set data" must be changed to "set cell"
    (2) use of the command "insert row" must be changed to "insert rows count 1"
  • Added several minor user interface changes
  • Bugs Repaired
  • Launching Chartsmith from a removable drive resulted in problems unmounting/ejecting the drive
  • Colors with transparency could not be used for pie slices
  • Chart images exported from Chartsmith carried a 3 pixels transparent border that resulted in two problems:
    - chart images were 6 pixels larger in width and height than they were set to be
    - JPEG and PICT image format color-filled what should have been a transparent border.
    That border has been removed. Pre-1.2.1 templates used in Chartsmith 1.2.1 or after will offset chart objects by 3 pixels in the x and y directions.
  • Setting the size of the chart via the Set Chart Size panel caused the chart's scrollers to sometimes be incorrectly sized.
  • When exporting images that overwrote an existing image Chartsmith asked twice if you wanted to replace the existing file.
  • Image exports of type PNG and PICT saved with the incorrect file extension under certain conditions.
  • Base-Error series could not be successfully unarchived

  • Release ( 3/7/03 )
    New Features
  • Variable data error bars
  • Asymmetrical error bars
  • Combination X and Y error bars
  • Error bar markers
  • Exporting to Apple's Keynote document format
  • Importing from Named Ranges in Microsoft Excel
  • Trend line equation annotation
  • Graphical front-to-back ordering of trend lines
  • Spell checking for text annotations
  • Control for drawing axis ticks marks inside and/or outside the grid
  • AppleScript additions:
    	set title to
    	set subtitle to
    	set xaxis title to
    	set yaxis title to
  • Improved 'hit-ability' of selection knobs for all graphical objects
  • Improved Help and Tutorial files
  • Bugs Repaired
  • Repaired Line annotation where moving a line would sometimes gray fill the chart
  • Series labels had been disappearing from the chart when gradient fill or image fill was being used for the series
  • When exporting JPEG images with a resolution of more than 72 dpi, the image border was drawn incorrectly.
  • Dragging a Line series icon in the DataView was causing an eventual crash
  • The Import From Excel function was previously importing data stored in hidden rows and columns
  • The Import From Excel function had required that Excel workbooks be stored with a ".xls" extension
  • Chartsmith crashed when quitting the app if user chose not to save any unsaved documents
  • The Data View occasionally drew row and column borders onto the Data View window when adding multiple rows or columns
  • Images could not be specified in any inspector unless a file extension was present (e.g. imageFile.pict could be loaded, but imageFile could not be)
  • Changing the grid type from linear to log when trend lines were present caused the axis ranges to be miscalculated
  • Exporting 3D Horizontal series in a bitmap format would result in the series being drawn in the incorrect order.
  • Doing a click-and-drag selection across a collection of data cells in the Data View would not scroll the Data View properly to the right.
  • Charts dragged out of Chartsmith could not be dropped on the Finder, Desktop or Word.
  • Gradient fills positioned at an angle displayed antialiasing problems.
  • High-Low-Open-Close charts with a Tokyo candlestick style were drawing the candlestick with a gap between the line and the box.
  • Negative error bars had previously drawn in the positive direction if the resultant error value was negative.
  • In v1.1 the Inspector Panel was changed to be called an Info Panel. This name change was confusing to many people and counter to standards that are evolving for the platform. So the name has been changed back to be called the Inspector Panel.
  • If the height of a gradient-filled bar in a Bar seies was calculated to be less than a pixel in height, the application would hang.
  • When creating a new chart at the time that the Y2 axis of the the currently displayed chart is selected, the new chart's grid was not selectable.
  • Pasting font styles with black color caused Chartsmith to hang.
  • Using templates that stored annotations with custom shadow colors crashed Chartsmith.
  • Scaling of image fills in Area series were based on the Y axis max instead of the series max.
  • The "Purchase" menu item was not correctly linked to the store on the Blacksmith web site
  • The Data View menu items where disabled when Data Window was not key

  • Release ( 1/3/03 )
    New Features
  • Integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Trend Lines
  • Error Bars
  • New Series Type: Histogram
  • New Series Type: Intensity Scatter
  • New Series Type: Ribbon (3D Line series)
  • New Series Type: 3D Area
  • Storage of images to any resolution
  • Storage of images to PICT format
  • JPEG compression
  • Robust chart resizing
  • Pie series slice offset varies in magnitude
  • Rotation of series labels
  • Customizable limit for number of undo actions
  • Delete Rows button in Data View
  • Delete Columns button in Data View
  • Support for mice with scroll wheels
  • Many memory management improvements
  • Changed name of Inspector Panel to Info Panel
  • Changed Document menu to File menu
  • Changed Save As Image menu item to Export Image
  • Changed name of ErrorBar series to Base-Error series
  • Changes to Applescript interface to reflect all other changes
  • Improved Help and Tutorial files
  • Bugs Repaired
  • Charts saved in JPEG format with clear backgrounds were stored with black backgrounds
  • Auto-updating was disabled in Chartsmmith version 1.0.1
  • Preview from Print panel was printing document, not previewing
  • Printing to bitmap format was not functioning, only PDF printing worked
  • Saving to a PDF file from the Print panel was not functioning
  • Clicking the close button on a document that was not key would close the key document
  • Textual labels had been misaligned by approximately 3 pixels
  • Chartsmith crashed when Quit was selected if chart had been copied before Quit
  • Candlestick series graphics had been reversed
  • Pasting labels in Data View caused drawing to disable in Data View
  • Changing the position of the foot on a Balloon Graphic caused the foot length to decrease
  • If text was selected in the Data View, document saves were not successful
  • Repositioning a Line Annotation caused the chart to be filled black
  • The text in a chart title was occasionally replacing the text in another chart
  • The "Custom" option for series label positioning was always enabled but should not be until label is dragged
  • Selecting the legend entry for a series that was already selected erased the selection knobs on the series

  • Release ( 10/17/02 )
  • No new features
  • Bugs Repaired
  • Repaired the AppleScript interface to enable it under OSX 10.2, where it had been rendered non-functional.

  • Release ( 9/12/02 )
  • Added command keys for "Bring to Front" and "Send to Back"
  • Bugs Repaired
  • Repaired caching problems when Chartsmith executed under OSX 10.2. These caused graphical elements using semi-transparent colors or gradient fills to be displayed black
  • Repaired data import facility so that CSV-formatted data files can be imported
  • Repaired rotated Text Graphics so they display properly in exported charts. This change applies to the Y-Axis title on the grid when set to be vertically displayed.
  • Repaired issue where Preferences could not be saved under OSX 10.2
  • Corrected Area Series so the "Show Image Only" flag is properly applied when using templates
  • Corrected Error Bar series inspector so marker sizes can be set properly
  • Repaired Text Graphic inspector so Text Graphics can be freely rotated
  • Changed the Legend so a marker is not displayed in the legend entry key if the markers for the Line or XY series are hidden
  • Repaired export of chart images so a No-Fill type chart background is clear (instead of white)
  • Made minor GUI changes to correct for OSX 10.2 widget modifications

  • Release ( 8/15/02 )
  • Licensing
  • "Check for updates" in Preferences and Chartsmith menu
  • "Purchase" menu item
  • Versioning system (this made beta documents unreadable)
  • Completed undo/redo
  • Bugs Repaired
  • Several UI bugs repaired.

  • Release (Beta) ( 7/15/02 )
    First public beta release