A few comments that we've seen from reviewers and users...

""... Chartsmith is a highly capable charting tool that is easy to use..."
    Maccworld Magazine 
    December, 2003
"If you need to prepare business or scientific charts on Mac OS X, you can ill-afford to overlook Chartsmith." "Chartsmith, a graphing program that really works."
    Doug Matheson
"...a slick-looking charting application"
    Rick LePage
    Editor in Chief
    Macworld Magazine, From the Editor's Desk (column), March 2003
"Great OS X charting application... the major, affordable and flexible charting program for Mac OS X"
"Chartsmith should replace DeltaGraph as the premier graphing package for the Mac."
    Version Tracker reviewer
"This is a thing of beauty! One of those programs like iView MediaPro that instantly justifies the "insanely great" moniker the first time you use it. Almost everything does exactly what you would expect, making it a joy to use."
    Jonathan Fewtrell, User