Premier charting and graphing
for Mac OS X


Charting Done Right.

Chartsmith is the premier charting and graphing application for Mac OS X. Built from the ground up on Mac OS X technologies, this application will make you and your data hum. Whether for scientific data visualization, for business presentation, or for graphics publishing, Chartsmith makes charting and graphing quick and easy.

What Chartsmith produces is graphical representations of your data - whether that data is numbers, dates or time durations. You supply the data, Chartsmith does all of the work to produce a succinct and presentable chart. And that chart can be exported to your research paper, to your presentation software, to your desktop, to Photoshop - anywhere you want it to go.

Simple and intuitive Our customers report that they never had to read a word of Chartsmith's on-line help. This is due to the simplicity of the Chartsmith design, and the flexibility that it offers. Chartsmith does what you want, the way you want it.
Flexible chart formatting allows you to easily alter a chart's layout and its look and feel.

Compatible with your other apps Whether your data resides in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, in an ascii text file, in your favorite word processor, in an email or simply in your head, you can import your data into Chartsmith with a couple of clicks or drags.

Import data from Excel, export charts to Keynote.

When you're ready to export your chart, just click on it and drag it directly from your Chartsmith document to any destination: the Finder, PowerPoint, Photoshop, OmniGraffle...whatever. Or export the whole document as a Keynote presentation.

Easy to find controls When you need to make a change to a chart, simply click on the graphic to select it and Chartsmith's context-senstive inspector displays controls that are relevant for the
Context-sensitive inspector.

selected feature. This means no hunting around for controls to make changes to your chart. Say you need to change the line width of a line series. Just click on the series and the controls for line series are loaded into the inspector. Simple.

Powerful feature set Chartsmith's templates allow you to duplicate the look-and-feel of any Chartsmith chart.
Templates provide flexible formatting options.
Use 3-D effects to add emphasis to your data. Preview color drags before dropping them on any graphical feature. Drag chart images directly to wherever you want your images displayed. Add trend lines and error bars to display analysis.

Add trends with the click of a button.

Snazzy graphics If you're building a chart for your next boardroom presentation or annual report, you can be confident that Chartsmith's graphics will answer the call.

With image fills in many series types, anti-aliased text, soft shadows, gradient fills, transparency support, text balloons, and exceptional control of each of these, you can transform your data into a compelling and convincing message.

AppleScript interface for remote chart building
An AppleScript interface lets you incorporate Chartsmith into your workflows, or even remotely construct a chart to be displayed in your custom applications.

Chartsmith sets a new standard for charting and graphing on the Mac!


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Easy to learn,
simple to use

· Native Mac OS X
· Intuitive Aqua interface, with thumbnail navigation
· Drag in colors, images and text
· Drag out charts
· Color previewing

· Gradient fills and transparency support
· 3D effects for bar, pie, area, ribbon and histogram charts
· Annotations, including text balloons
· Image support for backgrounds, annotations, bars, area and bubbles
· Anti-aliased text
· Soft shadows

· Error bars
· Trend lines, with equation annotation
· Log, semi-log and linear axis types
· Single and double Y-axis
· Date, duration and numeric data input

Power Features
· Mix compatible chart types
· Mac OS X Services
· AppleScript support
· Extensive template support
· Import from Microsoft Excel
· Export Apple Keynote documents